CS Server Admin Application


Age: 17
Country/Region: US

Steam Name:

SteamRep Link:

Discord: Kalbiribs#6139

Do you have a mic: Yes

Do you speak English: Yes

Why do you play on Spectre server over others?: Its honestly the only good and reliable servers out there. When an update comes out for CS it takes no more than 30 mins to get the server running and that is something that no other servers do.

How long have you been playing Spectre?: Well over a year I would say, and I play every day on the retakes to either warm up or just chill out and talk. I have close to 600 hours and I am still on the grind to get more. I have been premium for about a month now, and it is really worth it.

Which game mode do you play the most?: Always Retake US-West 1-5

Have you ever been an admin for any other community? If yes, where?: Yes, I have been a mod on a Gmod DarkRP server called Orion. Also, I was a mod on a low pop Minecraft Server, DestinyMC, but then I wanted to take my staffing somewhere else, like CS.

How do you think you could help Spectre as an admin?: I play so much retake a day, But there always throwers, and griefs and I just want to give them the boot. I see a lot of these players and almost all the time I call for staff, they never show up. Now I’m not blaming the staff, I’m just saying that the amount of throwers is bad. Almost always when I join a retake, I never see staff in the game already.

Are you in our Steam group?: Yes

Are you in our Discord server?: Yes

What is something you believe Spectre could improve on the most? Do you think you would be essential in doing that?: Spectre is the best servers out there, I just think that the spawning points and the maps could be improved in some way. the spawning points always have me flip-flopped and looking at the wrong site, as well as the points where they spawn. Also just amount of staffing. Spectre doesn’t really have any problems, I just feel that the amount of throwers is a bad look for the servers and I want to be apart of the fix by giving them the boot.





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