DrRoberto abuse


I was chillin on overpass retakes 2 and I bhopped out of connector and kill DrRoberto and type a wheelchair emoji in chat. He proceeded to kick me. I just laughed and kept playing, then he said I was being toxic so I typed it again and asked how thats toxic. He kicked me again. it was fine for a few rounds and then when I was talking to some others on the server he banned me for 30 minutes for Mic/Chat Spamming


Hi there,

What you failed to mention was you repeatedly spamming copy pasta in the chat, along with hurling abuse towards players on the server. I warned you to stop spamming, and you continued to do so. Ban stays as is.


Uhh no? I killed you once and pressed my bind, you then kicked me. That was my first time doing it. I then joined back and did it again, got kicked again. I never “hurled abuse” towards anyone apart from you after the third time of you kicking me. I kept going after the second kick cause you were clearly being soft and were in the wrong. alot of other players agreed that you were abusing.


Feel free to present your own evidence, but numerous people came foward against you, and the recorded evidence says otherwise. Ban was temporary, you are free to come back and play assuming you have changed your ways, but since this is your 2nd case you are on thin ice


now hes just banned me for “Aim assistance” after I killed him once from car when he was in A main on cache. Not sure whats going through this guys head


Banned due to spamming once again, I pressed the wrong reason due to me wanting to practice on the server, instead of dealing with idiots spamming over and over.


Spamming??? I pressed my bind once. what the fuck are you on?


Can another staff member review this?


Hello, I have seen the evidence provided by DrRoberto.
As I see from the evidence you have a copy paste of an Arabic phrase. Now this is wrong for 2 reasons

  1. Not everyone knows Arabic and might think that you are being toxic towards them
  2. You are copy pasting the phrase in a sentence repeatedly for no reason.

Your ban isnt permenant, but it’s a temporary. Keep in mind that keeping this behaviour will result in the ban to be longer and longer, eventually turning into permanent.

You can PM or message me on discord #Jayyy3974 for any further enquiry.


I dont recall pressing my arabic bind, but if I did I dont see why clearing chat once accidentally calls for a straight up 3 day ban. Im more confused about how me typing a wheelchair can be worthy of a kick for my first and second offence. Its literally an emoji and I got banned for 30 minutes for it?


Well I do have a screenshot of an Arabic copy pasta phrase from you.

Anyways, spamming random stuff is annoying sometimes, which is why you were issued a warning at the start. Showing toxic behaviour towards admins wont help your cause at all. That’s were you got the ban. Temporary bans increase as the offense occurs more often (thus your extended ban)

Now I do agree 3 days is a bit extreme since your previous ban was 30 mins so I’m lifting your ban off, that’s on the condition of you to be careful of what binds you’re pressing. We are okay with a friendly banter, but not useless spams. So please keep this in mind as the next ban you receive will be a 3 day one if you are caught spamming.

Have a good one.

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