DrRoberto Admin Abuse


This admin is abusing power when he is losing in retake. Firstly he threatened to ban me for spamming when I sent 3 messages over at least a 5 min period. After killing him multiple times he said "what’s your problem’, I didnt respond. He then said that I was throwing and “do you want to be banned”. I then contested it and said for what? he then said that “he had plenty of footage” I then asked well please give me an example of me throwing, to which he just server muted me, than out of spite said message me for evidence <3. At this point he then banned me for afk when i was typing to respond. This is a complete misuse of power, all because he was tilted? sad that these KIDS get admin on servers. Please sort this out. Much appreciated.

STEAM ID : https://steamcommunity.com/id/Robertodude/