Frenzyy CS Server Admin Application


Age: 18

Country/Region: United States / West Coast

Steam Name: Frenzyy

SteamRep Link:

Discord: Frenzyy#5214

Do you have a mic: Yes.

Do you speak English: Yes.

Why do you play on Spectre server over others?: The retakes server I used to play on was very exclusive and was a 9 slot server forcing it to be 5v4 only (with 1 spectator). On Spectre, there’s four different servers to play retakes, one for pistol only, and executes. All servers are able to even 5v5.
How long have you been playing Spectre?: Not sure but probably a hundred or two.

Which game mode do you play the most?: Retakes

Have you ever been an admin for any other community? If yes, where?: Back in TF2 from 2012-2014, I was an Admin on 2 different Trade Servers, Wicked Gaming and The Big Bang Gamers. Admin for Mythical Gaming, a Bhop community that provided servers for NA (West/East), EU, and AUS. Admin and Moderated a lot of private 10 man servers, so I’m familiar with source mod for CS:GO.

How do you think you could help Spectre as an admin?: As an Admin, I can help moderate and ensure there is fair games throughout servers, resolve disputes, etc.

Are you in our Steam Group?: Yes

Are you in our Discord Server?: Yes

What is something you believe Spectre could improve on the most? Do you think you would be essential in doing that?: With the thousands of hours and experience I have in CS:GO, I can contribute a lot to the development of the up and coming gamemode Executes. Although it may not be the “retakes” killer, I can see myself contributing a lot of time and work to adding executions (smokes/flashes/CT antiflash positions/etc) for maps that are new such as Vertigo and the up and coming revamp of Cache since I love sitting on a practice server discovering different types of nades for future gameplay.


Denied, we feel as if you are not a good fit for the staff team right now, Please re-apply in two weeks.

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