Hoogz's Ban Appeal


So i was just banned on a retake server for a week for using ‘aimbot’. excuse me what lol i hit 4 one deags and i was RECORDING FOR A VIDEO MONTAGE then boom im banned for using aim hacks. Im not cheating i reviewed the footage and its because i hit 4 one deags. I have 2.3k hours and apparently my aim is not possible. I’m really confused and when i tried to do a ban appeal it says the steam id is NOT banned but it is?

NOTE: i was banned by an admin and it said -s or s.
I’m not sure what i’m meant to do but i’m not using any cheat or modification and i want someone to resolve this issue.


Please read the Template and go through with it. Appeals aren’t meant to be posted here. you can either DM the admins mentioned in the Template or use this form to appeal your ban.


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