How To Appeal Bans. Please follow the template completely!


When making a ban appeal, please send it to @iLLIjah or @Pat directly in a personal message, or DM them on Discord Pat (Pat#9423) and iLLijah (iLLijah#7517).


If you do not follow the template below, you will automatically be denied and your ban will remain.


Appeals must be respectful. Any attitude, cuss words, immaturity, or threats made or implied will have your appeal rejected immediately and possibly increase your existing ban. We are very friendly, but we will not put up with crap.

  • You feel that your ban/punishment is excessive, inaccurate, or unfair.
  • You’ve been wrongly accused (rarely a case, but if so we’re incredibly sorry).

You should try to provide some kind of evidence (be it screenshots or video) to help your appeal.

Don’t appeal if -

  • You’ve been VAC banned. We do not manage VAC and we cannot unban you from VAC
  • You’ve been caught hacking on our servers and wish to make an “apology”
  • We had enough concrete evidence to support your ban to begin with
  • Your “brother/friend/family member” used your account and got you banned.
  • We’ve banned you severely in the past


Topic Title: [Insert SteamID64] [Ban Reason] - [Ban Date]

Reason: Explain why you believe you should be un-banned or why your ban may be excessive.

Evidence: Provide your evidence with description of them. Screenshots should be added to a Imgur collage/post and videos should be uploaded to Youtube and unlisted. Game demos should be uploaded to Google Drive.

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This may be a bit weird but I don’t exactly understand how to send private messages on this forum format thus I can’t really send one to either of the 2 names stated. Just wondering if I can get some help with this as I’ve tried to google this forum format and whatnot but haven’t come up with any answers…


Sure, go back to the line that mentions both of the users to send ban appeals too. Click on either of their names and a box will appear with more info. Top right is a button for personal messaging them. Another method is to use the search function and search for those specific users and go there profile.

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I don’t see where I can pm them, if you can help saker it would be appreciated. I followed what you posted but don’t see anything at the top right.


You may also choose to use Discord now if that suits you better. Info about their Discord accounts is in the post above.


76561198170114690 other reason- 2/17/19

i should be unbanned because when i joined retakes your own admin armen was making fun of me for missing awp shots when im a god at the game and when i started to make fun of him he banned me after i did what he did to me.


@KimJongUn Please follow the ban template properly. Thanks

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