InferNo's CS Server Application


Name: Kieran “ InferNo
Age: 16
Country/Region: Sydney, NSW, Australia :australia:
Steam Name: InferNo
SteamRep Link: InferNo’s Steam Rep Link
Discord: InferNo#3068
Do you have a mic: Yes
Do you speak English: Yes, and I am also semi-fluent in Australian Slang.

Why do you play on Spectre server over others?: Australia seems to be well behind other continents in the making of Counter-Strike servers, many Australian servers don’t seem to be kept at such a high standard compared to Spectre which is why I prefer it.
How long have you been playing Spectre?: Ever since about mid-July 2018.
Which game mode do you play the most?: Retakes.
Have you ever been an admin for any other community? If yes, where?: In recent times I haven’t been an admin on any servers, though I did become Trusted on Poseidon Servers GMod.
How do you think you could help Spectre as an admin?: I think my main strength in this area would be my activity, I think I would be able to defuse (see what I did there) any situation that came up, while also dealing with toxicity and cheaters in an appropriate manner.

I am in both the Spectre Steam Group, and Discord.

What is something you believe Spectre could improve on the most? Do you think you would be essential in doing that?
I think Spectre may want to improve on admin activity particularly on the Australian servers (as that’s what I play on), generally I don’t see admins on, but that could just be me playing different servers to them, in which you may want more Australian admins in general which I can therefore help. I also have helped before, in both reporting bugs/glitches on the server and by advising people that are in situations on the server such as when I helped “Tea” change his permanent ban to a day ban. So yes, I think I can be an essential part in that.

This is also my third time applying as an admin on Spectre.

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Accepted. please wait for us to contact you on discord.
Welcome to the Spectre Team.

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