Jrez Ban Appeal


Topic Title: [76561198913560695] [I dont know] - [I dont know]

Reason: I tried to join Spectre and it said I was banned and for more info check the website. But I dont know where to look on the website. I found this server through my friends that play it and they say it is a really good server for retakes but I am banned on it. I play Faceit mainly but when I warmup I would like to retake on your servers.

Evidence: I dont have any.

There is no way for me to message the admins on the website as well as in discord because I cant find the link to join the discord server


Appeal denied.

Please read the Template and go through with it. Appeals aren’t meant to be posted here. you can either DM the admins mentioned in the Template or use this form to appeal your ban.


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