NOTSIMPLE CS Server Admin Application


Age: 19

Country/Region: Canada

SteamRep Link:

Discord: ✯NOTS1MPLE#7012

Do you have a mic: Yes

Do you speak English: Yes

Do you speak French: Yes

Why do you play on Spectre server over others?: Spectre has one of the best servers with great players and i really do play on the servers a lot compared to others since i really like the “environment”. Also the hit reg is better and the servers are really active.

How long have you been playing Spectre?: more than 2 years

Which game mode do you play the most?: Retakes

Have you ever been an admin for any other community? If yes, where?: I was a spectre admin for about six months and didnt reapply because i was taking a break from Counter Strike.

How do you think you could help Spectre as an admin?: I would help into making the servers less toxic and chat with the players. Also i would invite my friends which would benefit both spectre and my own pleasure.

Are you in our [Steam group ]: Yes
Are you in our [Discord server ]: Yes

What is something you believe Spectre could improve on the most? Do you think you would be essential in doing that? More movement servers and more of the maps and it wouldn’t be as necessary since those servers are less popular to some people in comparison to retakes


+Rep Was a good admin back when he was first accepted. He’s mature is is able to understand situations from different perspectives.


+rep amazing guy, very nice and fair, was always a good boy


Denied. We feel as if you aren’t a great fit for our staff team right now.

closed #5