Server Updates - 1/1/2019


Happy new year! We are starting the new year off with a brand new update with some much needed improvements and changes.

This post reflects the changes to the servers on January 1st 2019…

  • Added Top 500 Only server in Chicago
  • Added NO AWP Retake server in Chicago
  • Added multiple new stats that will give you points in the server ( Soon to be displayed on Stats Page )
  • Updated RankMe to the latest version with Spectre changes
  • Fixed a bug that would result in players getting different data upon joining ( Should be fixed )
  • Added multiple admin tools that will benefit in the detection in Cheaters
  • Added a new rank to the Admin Hierarchy for new upcoming staff to prove their worth ( Moderator )
  • Changed how chat tags work ( Admin will now display Admin instead of Staff )
  • Added a new chat tag for Moderators
  • AFK Manager should no longer kick players who are Admin+
  • Fixed an array out of bounds error happening on RankMe
  • Reset the RankMe database in all regions for the new month
  • Updated admin plugin to fix more bugs
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