Server Updates - 1/14/2019


This post reflects the changes to the servers on Jan 14th 2019…

  • Fixed certain servers not adhering to the prime requirement to play on our servers
  • Fixed sv_ledge_mantle_helper not changing to its correct value sometimes
  • Removed all sponsored advertisements from our servers as they discontinued their sponsorship
  • Added new advertisement to every server indicating you can now rent a server from us by contacting @Mark
  • Switched from ckSurf to SurfTimer ( Fork of ckSurf )
  • Fixed in-correct max velocity and airaccelerate values for 102.4 tick
  • Upgraded infrastructure on the backend to help with increasing player load on our servers and new features
  • Added missing surf files to the FastDL ( Should fix some of the errors players are reporting )
  • Updated admin plugin
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