Server Updates - 12/24/2018


Happy Holidays!

This post reflects the changes to the server on Dec 24th 2018…

  • Added RNGFix to Surf servers in Australia, US
  • Added new Los Angeles location ( This replaces the old one for new performance )
  • Separated Australia and US RankMe Statistics for players
  • Reset RankMe Table
  • Added a new main page
  • Added a new store page
  • Added a brand new stats page so you can go find out how well you are doing!
  • Added coupon code SPCTXMAS2018 for 1$ premium for life ( Available till 12-31-2018 )

New Los Angeles IPs: - Retakes - Pistol Retakes - Executes

Disclaimer: If you are wondering where Central is, We are currently working on moving it to Chicago, we should have more information displayed on the twitter in the coming days.

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