Server Updates - 12/8/2018


This post reflects the changes to the servers on Dec 8th 2018…

  • Prime is now required to play on Spectre ( This does not include Surf, etc )
  • Switched operating systems from Windows to Linux for increased stability
  • Added new skins from the last collections and Danger Zone case
  • Added the ability to put skins on the MP5-SD
  • Surf is now 102.4 tickrate.
  • Surf and KZ have been removed for now for stability reasons. ( Will probably return soon )
  • Fixed de_biome and de_subzero spawns ( Thanks @Pat )
  • Fixed report not showing IP addresses from new Linux servers.
  • Added sponsored advertisements into certain Retake servers.
  • Removed old advertisements that were stating incorrect information
  • Executes has been removed from Australia ( If you guys want this back please do say something )

A vast majority of this update is back-end related so you wont see much on the front end side of things. We have a bunch more things coming to you soon and will be excited to share them with you shortly. Expect another update in a few days time. :slight_smile:

On another note, due to popular demand after the servers are more stable we will be bringing Executes back to Los Angeles in addition to the current server in Dallas.


We want 1v1 servers in au please :heart:


So I don’t play Surf; but I’m curious to know why the tick rate is so specific.

EDIT1*: sv_prime_accounts_only 1 isn’t set on Retakes East #5. There was also a Level 2 F2P walling there.


@yungcheeto This is a valve issue, itll be fixed when they address it.