Server Updates - 12/9/2018


This post reflects the changes to the servers on Dec 9th 2018…

  • Added full verified support ( Meaning if you are verified you will get a reserved slot + prem )
  • Fixed verified chat tag not showing up in chat
  • Fixed Hawthorne sometimes throwing errors relating to players.
  • Added new helpful tip for admins when a player joins the server
  • Added Pistol Retake in Los Angeles
  • Added Executes in Los Angeles
  • Added a crash handler to better understand the crash issues on the servers.
  • Fixed additional errors relating to Hawthorne that would sometimes cause the plugin to error out completely.
  • Updated insta-defuse ( This will now properly track molotovs to make sure they work correctly )
  • Updated AFK-Manager

Pistol Retakes: