Server Updates - 3/28/2019


This post reflects the changes to the servers on March 28th 2019…

  • Updated SourceMod to fix GeoIP and server crashing issues for the March 28th update…
  • Removed de_cache from the Retake rotation due to most recent update
  • Fixed vertigo spawn issues relating to the March 28th update…
  • Added new Retake allocator ( This is more focused on Economy, and has more customizable options )
  • Added 13 new surf maps ( Thanks @Surfnturf )
  • Fixed multiple admin menu issues that would either remove your access or just stop working all together
  • Fixed VIP issues ( Not receiving VIP on spawn )
  • Fixed Instadefuse not working sometimes ( You need to hold it for about a second now )
  • Adjusted T utility on Retakes ( Based on economy now )
  • Removed NO AWP Retake
  • Added 2 additional EU retake servers
  • Reset RankMe stats for the month of April. (Giveaway to be announced)
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