Server Updates - 4/28/2019


This post reflects the changes to the server on April 28th 2019…

  • Updated all advertisements to show the new hosting link.
  • Fixed multiple VIP Errors
  • Admins will now properly receive VIP when joining the server.
  • Updated RankMe ( Adds features from the official version ) and reset all leaderboards
  • Removed TopXXX capabilities as it was never used.
  • Full buy money for Retake full buys is now $5300 ( Allocator )
  • Fixed rare instances of new clients not having their loadouts inserted or pulled. ( Allocator )
  • Removed decoys from Retakes
  • Added static individual nade limits for the Terrorist team to prevent excess utility ( Allocator )
  • Added two Execute servers in the Oceanic region and in Europe.
  • Added AFK Manager to Surf servers ( Kicks clients who are AFK for more than 5 minutes. )

We will continue to evaluate the changes we are making to the Allocator to ensure that everyone enjoys our experience.

If you are looking for the new Server IPs you can find them on the main page of the website!

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