Suggestion for medium server


A good amount of the time im on medium surf there is a lot of unrankeds who have no idea whats happening on the map or how to surf but refuse to rtv. I think there should be a rank restriction or at least a completion of a map on easy surf to join the medium server. Unranked people can just sit on the same map for the entire 45 minute duration just because they are stubborn and get offended when you ask if they could rtv.


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One more thing, there isn’t a afk time limit so people will afk in the server for hours at a time, making it even harder to change maps.


We can look into adding an AFK kicker in the next update. Howerver in regards to adding another server for surf, we will most likely need to run another deidcated server to balance the load. Sadly this will most likely not happen very soon but will happen as we continue to grow.